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Alcohol free aftershave

Our soothing alcohol-free aftershaves are designed to prevent the burning sensation and irritation created by the passage of the razor blade. Their natural ingredients selected for their qualities will bring to your skin all the nutritive elements necessary to its hydration, its protection and the maintenance of its elasticity.

The absence of alcohol is perfect for dry skin as well as for people who are sensitive to it or who do not appreciate the pungency of classic alcohol-based aftershaves.

MOANA is one of the best perfumes of all time ! Published on PSYDRO on 10/06/2022 by Andrea LUPARI

Between purchases and trials, I have several E&S soaps, but MOANA, my latest purchase, is by far the best in my opinion, especially for summer, even the aftershave leaves an unmistakable mark. The soap, as always, is of excellent quality, and the mechanical qualities are not in question.

Savon de rasage et Après-rasage OASIS pour le rasage classique

OASIS - a creamy, shiny and covering foam is quickly obtained Frédéric DUBOSCQ - France

Soap with a fresh and aquatic scent it is clearly a summer scent. The assembly of the foam is done without notorious difficulty we quickly obtain a creamy shiny and covering foam that provides good protection and a nice glide during shaving.

Carries its name well. Mathieu - France

Royal post-shave, the scent is well crafted. Effectively evokes the return of the beautiful days. The persistence is light and pleasant.

Who are we ?

E&S Rasage Traditionnel is a small family business run by Estelle and Stéphane SCHMITT. We live in a small village near Strasbourg with our two children, Aymeric and Viktor, and our dog Ranger.

Used to shave every day, when I discovered traditional shaving, finding a shaving soap that fully met my expectations was difficult. A soap that would let the razor glide over my skin without irritating it, that would protect and moisturize my skin properly, with natural ingredients and the scent of a perfume. I wanted all of these criteria in a shaving soap that would produce a rich, dense, voluminous and persistent lather that was both fun to create and fun to use.

Loving challenges and finding solutions to my problems...I spent several months developing a formula that met my expectations. A formula that I hope will give you the same pleasure I experience with every shave...