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BRÜ BRUSH ART shaving brush - Australian red mallee burl/sparkling light blue sapphire hybrid, 26mm G5C knot.

The combination of red-grained Australian burl wood and deep sapphire chameleon blue resin that makes up the handle of this shaving brush is simply magnificent. A 26 mm G5C tuft and BRÜ brand coin finish off this model.

BRÜ BRUSH ART shaving brushes are handmade by a Canadian craftsman, David Cressy, who is passionate about making shaving brushes.

He tries to cut each piece with a jeweller's eye to maximise the exposed grain of the wood. The pieces are stabilised using a heat-activated resin in a vacuum chamber to ensure durability and water resistance. The stabilised pieces are then cast in the resin and cured under pressure. He selects colourants and pigments that match the wood species and the desired aesthetic. After a week's hardening, the blank is turned by hand to reveal the beautiful BRÜ shaving brush handle hidden inside. Each BRÜ shaving brush handle receives 12 coats of durable CA finish, hand sanded and polished to a beautiful shine.

Each BRÜ shaving brush handle is an original and unique work of art. A substantial handle about 5cm(2") high and a pleasant feel in the hand. It's always fitted with the very best hand-tied Badger hair or synthetic knots available today. 

The combination of red-grained Australian red mallee burl and the deep sapphire chameleon blue resin that makes up the handle of this shaving brush is simply magnificent. A 26 mm G5C knot and the BRÜ brand coin finish off this model.

The knot G5C has the following characteristics :

- Great backbone. The stiffer Japanese hair gives you backbone more similar to natural hair than nearly any synthetic.

- Ultra-soft tips, even softer than the G5A.

- Retains water more effectively than traditional synthetics

Made in Canada 

How to use

For best results, we recommend two application methods :

1 - In a shaving bowl : Using your finger, scoop out an almond-sized amount of shaving soap and press it into the bottom of a shaving bowl. Soak your shaving brush with hot water, drain it slightly and work your lather into the bowl in circles until you obtain a thick shaving foam. Add a few drops of water if necessary.

2 - In the jar : Soak your shaving brush in warm water and load it with shaving soap for 30 seconds, making circles in the pot to load the knot with soap. Then lather your face with the shaving brush, using back-and-forth strokes to create shaving foam rather than circular movements which tend to put extra pressure on the hair. Excessive force can break or dislodge hairs from their adhesive bond.


Make sure the shaving brush knot is completely rinsed of ALL shaving soap residue after shaving - use clear, warm water and gently squeeze the base of the knot to see if all residue is gone (this will prevent mildew build-up). Never soak your shaving brush in water hotter than your skin can tolerate. Gently shake the brush and lightly rub the bristles against a very soft towel to remove any excess moisture in the knot. Leave to rest or hang up (either is fine) in a well-ventilated place, preferably very close to an open window. Insufficient drying time between shaves will lead to deep mould in the knot and possible hair loss. Try alternating between two brushes if possible to allow a 48-hour drying period.

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