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Savon solide

E&S Bath Soaps

Cold-processed soaps made with the finest ingredients, leaving your skin nourished and moisturised.

Their bewitching fragrances and extremely soft, creamy foam make cleansing a truly relaxing experience.

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  • Men's and women's shaving products

    We've developed a range of high-quality shaving soaps handmade in France. Our matching aftershaves will complete your wet shaving routine. A duo of protection and softness... The fragrances in our products are developed by an artisan perfumer in Grasse, the world capital of perfume.

  • Razors and shaving brushes

    The essential tools for a classic shave. Safety razors give you a smooth, precise shave without irritation. As for shaving brushes, they will transform shaving soap into a creamy shaving foam while massaging your beard to soften the hairs before the blade passes through.

  • Bar soaps

    Handmade soap made from natural ingredients. Thanks to its composition rich in butters (cocoa and shea), our natural soap provides perfect hydration and nourishes your skin deep down. Carefully formulated, our bath soaps are ideal for cleansing the body and face, and can also be used as a shampoo for the beard and hair.

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  • Stuart from the UK

    Excellent service and fantastic soap ! E&S are one of my favourites and the Barbershop scent is simply divine ! The lather is really good, thick, luxurious and cushioning, and the post shave moisturising effects on the skin is the best of any shaving soap I've tried ! 👍

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  • A.

    amazing quality. Great scent and quality. soaps lather easily and aftershaves smell and feel fantastic. Highly recommend.

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  • Jörg Brockmüller from GERMANY

    Oasis, Zenith, Moana or Aqua Viva ? I've ordered a sample pack of tallow-based soaps and aftershaves. I haven't tried them all yet, but I like them all ! So does my wife !

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  • stuart KESTER from the UK

    One the best shaving soaps, in my opinion !
    Purchased, 'Barber' shaving soap and the scent is just sublime ! A fantastic barbershop scent.
    The soap itself produces a lovely rich, creamy lather which has plenty of cushion and moisturising properties.

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  • Simone Furiato from ITALY

    An absolutely charming product

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Shaving soap : Shaving soap is one of the emblems of traditional shaving. It has many virtues and benefits. Shaving soap is a natural, effective, economical and long-lasting product. During your shaving routine, you only need to use a small amount of soap to obtain a beautiful, creamy lather. So you can keep your soap for several weeks. It saves you money in the long term. From an ecological point of view, shaving soap is more durable than shaving foam in a can, which generates more waste. The effectiveness of shaving soap is well proven. It gives you a soft, creamy, protective lather. This makes shaving easier and more pleasant. Shaving soap also reduces skin irritation. Finally, shaving soap is an essential part of a wet shave. By choosing shaving soap, you are perpetuating the tradition of traditional shaving and a meticulous ritual.

Aftershave : The benefits of aftershave depend on what it contains. Traditional astringent, alcohol-based aftershave acts as a disinfectant for the face after shaving and has a number of benefits, including soothing razor burn. Also, when you shave, you create numerous micro-cuts and your pores and parts of your epidermis are more exposed and therefore more likely to see bacteria or other matter infiltrate. Aftershave will also rehydrate your freshly-attacked skin while preventing irritation. It will also help to tighten the skin's pores to prevent the appearance of pimples or ingrown hairs. Alcohol-free aftershave products don't disinfect the skin, but moisturise it more, which is particularly important for dry skin. Our aftershave products can be used alternately or in combination to get all their benefits.

Razors : The first thing you need to know is that a safety razor can provide a shave as good or better than any multi-blade razor. With experience, using a double edge razor will give you a close, skin irritation free shave. A safety razor will cause fewer razor burns and irritations than a cartridge razor. Multi-blade razors get clogged and dull with repeated use. And to top it all off, they are veritable breeding grounds for bacteria. The advantage of the safety razor is that it has just one blade. This means fewer passes of the safety razor blade over the skin and therefore less irritation. When you realise that the double edge razor blade is cutting less, simply change it. A metal safety razor will last you a lifetime. You only need to change the blades, and they cost much less than multi-blade cartridges. It can be adapted to suit any need. The safety razor is suitable for shaving men and women, legs, bikini line or face.

Shaving brush : A shaving brush can help exfoliate the skin, remove dead skin cells and soften the hair to prepare it for the safety razor. It can also contribute to a smooth shave by creating a shaving foam of the desired density by adjusting the amount of water. There are many reasons to use a shaving brush, but the most important is that it simply improves the shaving process. A shaving brush is designed to lift your facial hair away from the skin, making it easier to get a close shave. This is particularly important if you have thick hair. In addition, a shaving brush helps to create a denser lather when you use shaving cream or soap. This will help protect your skin from the razor and make shaving much smoother. Finally, using a shaving brush is simply more pleasant and economical than using an electric razor or a disposable razor and spray shaving foam. It feels better on the skin and gives a closer shave. If you're looking for the best possible shaving experience, a shaving brush is an essential tool. Using a shaving brush on the face massages the skin, softening the hair and making it easier to cut. This shaving preparation technique cannot be achieved by simply applying shaving foam or shaving gel directly to the skin. Combined with a quality shaving soap (ours... 😉 ), you're guaranteed a comfortable shave, especially for sensitive skin !