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Shaving brush RAZOROCK BARBER 24mm plissoft synthetic

Razorock Barber is a shaving brush that is not only a pleasure to lather, but a unique experience due to its softness on the face when mounting the shaving foam.

Weight : 97.55gr

Total height : 120mm

Handle height : 63mm

Tuft : 24 mm x 57 mm

Use and Care Tip:

When shaving, try to use back-and-forth strokes with the brush to create lather rather than circular "mashing" strokes that tend to put extra pressure and strain on the bristles. Excessive force can break or dislodge the bristles from their adhesive bond. Never let your brush soak in water at a temperature higher than your skin can handle.

Make sure the brush knot is completely rinsed of ALL soap or cream residue after shaving - use clear, warm water and gently squeeze the base of the knot to determine if all residue is gone (this will prevent mildew build-up).
Gently shake the brush and lightly rub the bristles against a very soft towel to remove any excess moisture in the knot.
Allow to sit or hang (either is fine) in a well-ventilated area, preferably very close to an open window. Insufficient drying time between shaves will lead to deep mold in the knot and possible hair loss.
Try alternating between two brushes if possible to allow for a 48-hour drying period.
Shampoo your brush with a normal hair product every month or so to keep it nice and clean.

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