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ROCKWELL 6C Safety razor with 6 settings, GUNMETAL finish.

Rockwell's patented adjustment system offers 6 size settings on 3 reversible plates.

The Rockwell 6C is a fully adjustable shaver. The Rockwell 6C is made from premium chrome-plated zinc alloy using an innovative metal injection moulding process, and finished with a protective chrome coating ("white chrome") or black chrome plating ("gunmetal", gives a charcoal grey appearance), the finishes are very nice and the razor is quite heavy. The guilloche grip on the handle makes it easy to hold. The six adjustable sizes supplied with the Rockwell 6C mean that every man can find a close, comfortable shave.

The 3 reversible plates allow 6 different shaving levels. This classic shaver is suitable for beginners and experts alike.

All double-edged blades (Double Edge or DE) are compatible with this shaver.

Position 1 (gentle shave) :
- for very sensitive skin
- also excellent for delicate parts of the body.

Position 2 :
- for sensitive skin prone to irritation
- for shaving beards from 1 to 2 days old
- also excellent for general body shaving.

Position 3 :
- for moderately sensitive skin
- for irritated skin
- for shaving beards from 1 to 3 days old
- ideal for shaving off body hair

Position 4 :
- for hard skin
- skin prone to ingrown hairs
- for shaving beards over 4 to 5 days old

Position 5 :
- for hard skin
- for tough beards
- skin prone to ingrown hairs
- for shaving every 5-7 days

Position 6 (aggressive shaving) :
- for tough beards
- for skin that doesn't have problems with razors
- shaving long beards of 7 days or more.

The 6 positions are located on three easy-to-install and easy-to-remove plates, and the shaver's knurled handle, weight and perfect balance ensure a close shave.

Included in the box:

  • 1 Rockwell 6C shaver incl. 3 base plates
  • 5 Rockwell razor blades

Stand and other accessories sold separately.

Zinc Chrome.

Made in the USA.

95 grams - 9.5cm.

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