About us

Used to shaving every day, when I discovered traditional wet shaving, I struggled to find a shaving soap that fully met my expectations. A soap that would let the razor glide over my skin without irritating it, that would protect and hydrate my skin properly, with natural ingredients and the scent worthy of a perfume. All this using only natural products of the best possible quality. I wanted all of these criteria to come together in a shaving soap that produced a rich, dense, voluminous and persistent lather that was both fun to create and to use.

By dint of reading and after many trials and almost as many failures, evenings, weekends and sleepless nights to think about how to improve the recipe, we arrived at the result we were looking for.

We still had to solve the problem of perfume, but developing a perfume is an art which is not within the reach of everyone and we must know how to recognize its limits. Chance sometimes doing things well, we had the chance, during this period, to meet an artisan perfumer from father to son, from Grasse, the world capital of perfume.

Our collaboration gave birth to the first collection of four shaving and aftershave soaps from E&S Rasage Traditionnel..., while waiting for another to emerge.

Working together, wife and husband, "helped" by our two children, mastering every aspect of manufacturing, and providing the best possible products to our customers has always been our goal.