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Trafalgar T3 synthetic fiber shaving brushSimpsons. A badger to shave every day.

Trafalgar is the new Simpson line with three superbly designed brushes. The Trafalgar 3 is made from a single-origin, high-quality synthetic fibre knot. Its beautiful lathe-turned handle with faux ivory finish has an ergonomic shape that makes it easy and comfortable to use.

The Simpson "Trafalgar 3" synthetic shaving brush is one of the best on the market.

This shaving brush is carefully designed and handcrafted by skilled people and specialists in the art, so its quality and performance are second to none.

The Trafalgar 3 brush is ideal for preparing the skin before shaving and one of its key features is that it dries quickly.

Made by Alexander Simpson of Scotland, who has been producing shaving brushes since 1919 and has become a benchmark in the men's grooming industry, this brush is undoubtedly of the highest quality.

Made in the UK.

Approximate specifications of the Trafalgar T3 :

Total height of brush - 100mm

Height of handle - 50mm

Knot - 50mm

Diameter of knot - 26mm

With regard to the use and ongoing care of your new Simpson Shaving Brush, we recommend the following procedures :

When shaving, try to use back and forth strokes of the brush for lathering rather than circular “mashing” strokes which tend to put extra pressure on the bristles. Excessive force can break or dislodge the bristles from their glue. Never let your brush soak in water hotter than your skin can handle.

Make sure the knot of the shaving brush is thoroughly rinsed and free of ALL soap or post-shave cream residue - Use clear, lukewarm water and gently squeeze the base of the knot to determine if all remains are gone (this will prevent mold buildup).
Gently shake the brush and rub the bristles lightly against a very soft towel to remove any excess moisture from the knot.
Let sit or hang (either is perfectly fine) in a well-ventilated area , preferably very close to an open window. Insufficient drying time between shaves WILL LEAD to mold deep in the knot and possible hair loss.
Try alternating between two brushes if possible to allow for a 48 hour drying period.
Shampoo your brush with a normal hair product every month or so to keep it nice and clean.

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