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About O'Vert:

A late spring day. Sunshine. 18 °. A light breeze. You are walking your faithful dog. You take the path through a colorful green meadow. The sun's rays tickle your nose. You take a break and lie down on the meadow with your dog. You smell the flowers very slightly and you perceive a strong smell of herbs. The air comes from the fir forest. You let your thoughts run free. The sun's rays tickle your nose again. You take a last strong breath and feel light and unthinking. It goes on.

This is the new O'Vert from E&S.

A really fantastic green scent of forest, meadow, herbs and the smell of linseed oil production.

Ronny Schedifka


A very nice discovery, a very qualitative soap, French and it's too rare not to use it! In short, believe me, it's a bomb!

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Rudy D.


Very well made soap. The foam rises very easily and quickly, we quickly obtain a nice creamy texture, not too dense but very covering. Level of protection and glide nothing to say it does the job very well. One remains in the top of the basket level hydration. A milky creamy texture that brings this feeling of well-being care.

Rudy F.


As far as Equinoxe is concerned, it is for me the best perfume of this brand. It is a harmonious blend of sweet grapefruit, spice and sandalwood. The manufacturer indicates the presence of flowers. It's subtle, but these fragrances are what create this light and refined atmosphere.

We obtain a formidable foam. The fragrance is present at the assembly of the foam. Not too much and not too little.

The shaving goes formidably well. The glide is perfect. Even in residual, the skin is still well hydrated.

This quality of hydration is still present after shaving. The skin is a wonderful softness. At the level of the scent of the alcoholic lotion, we are on something more aerial and fresher than the soap. We feel here more the floral side, with a nice woody spicy base. With a little attention, we manage to divide the top notes of sweet grapefruit, floral heart and warm base notes. This AS is a real olfactory slap on application! The scent is powerful.

Arnaud D.


About Zenith:

A very very good soap, a very classy scent. An excellent glide, a very good hydration! The soap does not dry, does not stick, the foam is however very dense, a little greedy at the top but the assembly is done in 30 seconds! A very good shave, a perfect bbs and a day that starts well!

Guillaume C.


About Solstice:

The soap has a high lubricating power. With a little water, the residual glide is well present. No blood spots, no cuts. This is the main quality of the soap. After two passes, a comfort lather and an abundant rinse with cold water, I notice that the soap has a good hydrating power. As time goes by, this aftershave gains in presence. One manages to clearly detach the notes of head, heart and bottom. After an hour, everything is still present, but the scent has evolved. This time it's a tangy violet supported by a patchouli-sandalwood mix. It's amazing how I manage to notice a subtle work of perfumes, evolving in time, to finish on a delicate sandalwood.

Arnaud D.

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